Monday, February 16, 2009

Laws of Attraction

There are rules to everything. Some defined, and some unspoken. Even when I want to live on the edge and not follow the rules, I find myself bound by guidelines, rules and restrictions. I find myself following the rules in attempts to try and break them.

Even things that are supposed to happen naturally have rules. I find myself wanting the things that I can't have even more than if I could have it--only because it's a challenge. So I follow the rules to take on the challenge to see if I can ultimately obtain my "desire." Once I know I can have it, I'm not quite sure I want it anymore. The game has ended. The challenge is gone. The rules to follow cease to exist. Next.

I don't think mutual attraction comes along easily. I think I'm bound by rules, restrictions and constraints to fully feel I can feel comfortable being attracted to someone. It's so much of a process, I'm not sure the pure magnetism | chemistry | carnal impulsive desire, exists for me anymore. Sigh*

Suddenly my life feels so "paint-by-numbers" and I'm dying to paint outside the lines.

I'm too creative to be bound by any patterns.

Following the rules is not easy.

I'm going to EXPLODE.

Photography by Adnan Mahmud