Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Empirical Evidence

I gave up everything I knew, to understand your rules.
Over time I thirsted for you - you became my fuel.

Your numbers and logic fooled me to stay.
I took a risk-- All in, I lost my way.

I resisted, you insisted. I fell in.
I hesitated, you persuaded. You win.

It was natural, like hydrogen bonding -
Your quiet ways - and your subtlety in responding.

It was like molecules merging
Separated - but our paths kept converging.

I turn to science to explain these intense forces.
Your electrons, my protons -- turned explosive.

Our elements must have changed, the way our chemical compounds combusted.
Why didn't you check your formula? I was so blind - it was you I trusted.

I'm sorry, but something must be wrong with this equation.
You are the one that made me dispel any and all hesitations.

And now, you're telling me that you're unsure?
Check your math -- your proofs - again, some more.

I trusted your numbers and listened to my heart.
Your logic isn't sound - the way you overlooked this part.

Heightened levels of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin took over my mind.
And that's how it all began -- all these neurotransmitters working overtime.

There was everybody else, and then you.
I just looked into your eyes, and I knew.

All these chemicals involved should have led me to something concrete.
These feeling are irreversible -- I'm in way too deep.

So now I feel like the variable in your concocted experiment.
Ever so calculated - you made me believe you are the one in need of this.

You've now compiled all the empirical evidence you needed.
Well Done. It didn't cost you - it was only my heart that bleeded.

Image: Wanting by Audrey Kawasaki graphite and colored pencil on paper