Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snakes Have No Hands to be Tied

It's been weeks, maybe months since I had this dream. The details of which I can still visualize and recall very vividly. The recurring elements of this dream probably also contributed to the clear recollection. I think it's because it blended my reality and my "surreality" so well. Almost too well.

Why have I decided to write about it months later? You'll see.

It's quiet. The city is dead. Almost night time, but not. It's not hot, but it's not cold. Breezy, maybe a little overcast. I'm walking out of a shabby liquor/convenient store in some run down corner - walking backward so I could finish the conversation. The parking lot is empty, and there's no one else around. At this point, there aren't even any cars driving by. And as crazy of a "fashionista" as I dare to be, my attire was definitely questionable -- even for me. Clad in a long black matrix style trench - to the floor - that was fitted at the waist, but opened and flared A-Line style as it draped to the floor. Underneath - hah - I was um, wearing fishnets and really high black leather boots. Up top, I'm pretty sure I was wearing black leather gloves with no finger holes. Yeah, I dunno. My hair was up - messy and unkempt - but almost stylized and intentionally so. I'd say it was like Gothic meets dominatrix - eesh. (This is not where the reality part kicks in - so relax.)

Following me out of the store was an old friend. (At least he wasn't fictional) Arguing about something, I angrily stormed off. He was walking behind me laughing. That, of course, made me more upset because he didn't take me seriously, as he still continued to laugh at what appeared to be a big deal. I remember crossing the street at an intersection toward a brick building. There were cars, but not many. I don't remember faces, but I remember weird stares from drivers waiting at the red light as I crossed.

I don't remember the next transition, or if there even was one, but I end up in my studio apartment in the brick building I was walking toward. I've never seen or been to this place before, but now - in my dream - I'm living in it. It was shabby, really run down, and messy. As soon as you walk in you see a small kitchen table to the left and a bed and some couches directly in front. The bed was not made, and the blankets did not look like they were in the greatest condition. Underneath the covers hid my snake. Yes, my snake. It was like a huge python type snake, that knew to behave. I was not afraid of it, as I felt connected to it. I dunno - like the snake listened to me or whatever. Maybe I was a Gothic Snake Charmer?! Who knows? FYI- if this was a spider that I was able to "connect" with - I would have immediately woken up - I'm deathly afraid of spiders, even though snakes are the ones that can actually be deathly.

Anyways, my friend knocks on my door and enters without being invited in moments later. He wants the baby snake. The baby looked more like a worm, not so much like a snake. It was gross, but again, I was not afraid. I didn't want him to have it, so I said I was going to give it away, and I already had someone coming to pick it up. We fought some more. The snake/worm creature got loose and was really fast. It squirmed away and around the room, not wanting to be captured. I was determined to make sure I caught the baby worm/snake so it wouldn't fall into my friends hands. I caught it.

Again, I wasn't grossed out. (Definitely not the reality part)

Then without seeing any transitions or anything, I go back to my friend - who is still in my apartment - and told him that I gave the baby snake/worm away. He was about to sit on the bed, but I wouldn't let him because the snake might not be so behaved if someone sat on it. So without revealing the "Secret snake" under the blanket, I told him to leave.

I don't remember if there was more - but that's the part I remembered the clearest. It was SO bizarre and so strange. I couldn't get it out of my head. But I finally did.


(Ok, so this is reality)

Last weekend I went to an event that was held at an art gallery in downtown LA. I HATE going to downtown LA because of the one way streets, the confusing roads, and overall bad traffic. I rarely go, but if I do, you'll find me at the fashion district purchasing fabrics - which is a different part of the place the venue was held.

The street was quiet, hardly any cars driving by. I was worried I came to the wrong place, or that I was lost. I There was an uncanny feeling about this street and then the building I pulled up to. I parked across the street. Surprisingly, parking was not an issue as I was expecting it to be. I took a picture of the place from my phone because something about it was so familiar.

I loved the personality of the gallery. It had an industrial/warehousey/shabby-chic feel to it, that was all charming. The art work was scattered. Either deliberately so, or just random bits of the gallery owners collection - but not typically set up as you would see at opening night at an art gallery.

After settling in, and shooting the breeze with friends - I was told that there was more art toward the back. Eager to see what more hidden treasures remain, I headed toward the back of the gallery with my camera. On the right - a black curtained off room with a single bed and a piece of fabrics thrown together as a blanket with some other couch type seatings. I stopped in my tracks. What was this room? Where was the art? Why did it look familair. I've seen this place before.

Thinking nothing of it after that moment, I went back to the soirree. I was then later told that the gallery owner has a pet snake in the back. I was like WHAT? Who has a pet snake?! It was a python. I had her take me to the snake cage immediately. So the owner took the snake out for the event, but she showed me the glass cage where it is supposed to live. It was pretty huge. A glass casing that was designed into a counter top so it was also functional. It was directly across the black curtained room - I missed it the first time because it just looks like a glass counter.

Behind the snake cage was this beautiful painting that caught my eye. It was so mysterious, free-spirited and edgy at the same time. I LOVED it.

Hot huh!? It looks all airbrushed - and I like how the light hits her arm -- the monochromatic use of colors is even more captivating for me. Oh, look, it's against a brick wall! Kinda Gothic and Dominatrix huh? Weird? Yes.

So I tried posing like it - but in the midst of messing up my hair to get to that point - this is the unsuccessful picture that came out. But the table in front of me is the snake case turned counter. Crazy, huh?

I called the gallery owner and I asked about the painting. It is indeed airbrushed. Done by a tattoo artist. It's $2000. Well worth it.

But the dream and the reality stuff - it's a little bizarre.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bleeding Heart

and you say:
let's forget about it, and just carry on.
until the situation resurfaces, unresolved.

and you say:
you care, but you're insecure - I need to change.
If I change, then don't you care that I won't be the same?

and you say:
You're happy, but then constantly complain.
if you're so happy, then why would you need me to change?

and you say:
how you wish time would stop just like this.
then remind me of the days before me when you felt much more bliss.

your contradictions are consuming me.
your empty promises are numbing me.
your thoughtless actions are diffusing me.

And there you go, gallivanting about your day.
I'm here, you're there - words spoken - but nothing consequential to say.
And there you go, pretending everything is perfectly okay.
I'm here, you're there - glance averted - everything's in such disarray.

I pulled out my heart for you - and you were supposed to take care of it.
I wish there was more I could do - instead of forcing you to cherish it.

I pulled out my heart for you-- Only for you to tear it apart.
I wish there was a magic button; - Rewind ? Erase ? Back to Start???

I didn't think it was possible to feel my heart bleed.
And I don't know how you don't hear me - crying for you in need.

Image: Audrey Kawasaki's My Dishonest Heart

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I knew I was being chased and hunted - it's an uncanny feeling. He wanted something I had, but I refused to listen. That's not uncharacteristic of me - I hardly ever listen. I vaguely remember what he looked like, but then I second guess my recollection and am not sure I even saw him at all. He was older, unattractive and dressed terribly. A short sleeve buttoned down silk type shirt that had a collar - not a polo - just an ugly, dated shirt. It was yellow- dijon yellow. It was dark and I'm not sure where we met, or why I had any contact with this character.

He was not someone to not take seriously.

I found myself at home later that day receiving a text message on my phone from a strange number. An alert of my security being breached, and him letting me know that I am no longer safe - and he always gets his way. I remember clearly a close up of the text on my phone, as if I was zooming in on it through my SLR. Now - the image is clear, but the exact text is jumbled.

I warned my family - requesting us to not leave our house, and not let anyone in. I sound calm now- but I assure you, I was not calm. I was scared. I was so worried that I had jeopardized my family's safety! I only remember seeing my dad and my sister and my nephew's at home.

Battling with my nephew to promise he not answer the door, he mindlessly forgot and answered the doorbell to random solicitors. It was crazy - I've never been so frantic and crazy - I did anything and everything to push this solicitor out of our house. There were 2 - an adult and a younger kid. I didn't know what they wanted - but I knew it had something to do with my security breech.

As the sun set the night progressed - I saw someone walking around in my backyard. My dad was still up watching TV in the living room. I ducked down, and walked over to the kitchen window.
He was male - looked Filipino - had long corn rows that extended to his mid back. Not someone I'd want to upset.

I ran upstairs with my sister quietly, to try to get a better view from my bedroom. My curtains are ALWAYS closed - but if open, you can clearly see my entire backyard. When I walked into my room, my curtains were already open! I was worried someone had been in my house before me. I didn't know how it happened. As soon as you open my bedroom door, you have full frontal view of the window...I had to duck down immediately with my sister - as i tried to move to the left on my bed. I didn't want to close the curtains as that might signal some sort of motion from above. It went from one vicious looking guy, to a whole squad of people - including a camera crew. Were they filming a threat video to show me on my own property? I had no idea.

As I tried ever so hard to remain discreet - it was too late. Someone from below in my backyard saw me see them. They packed up their things so quickly, and evacuated our property. I wanted to call the police to show them the evidence and catch them in the act - but it all happened too fast. And all my phone lines had been compromised.

Suddenly, half of the squad that I THOUGHT had evacuated has some how managed to enter in my house! Meanwhile, I somehow figured out I had all this electricity running through my body. If I applied my energy correctly - I could electrocute anything I wanted. This had a short term affect - and was hardly harmful. What a useless power.

As the squad poured in, I would somehow manage to electrocute them to hold them over as I helped me and my family escape. It was so bizarre.

I promise I've never tried any drugs.. I don't know what this nightmare even means.

Image: Audrey Kawasaki's As I Fall - mixed media on wood 14"x11"