Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I knew I was being chased and hunted - it's an uncanny feeling. He wanted something I had, but I refused to listen. That's not uncharacteristic of me - I hardly ever listen. I vaguely remember what he looked like, but then I second guess my recollection and am not sure I even saw him at all. He was older, unattractive and dressed terribly. A short sleeve buttoned down silk type shirt that had a collar - not a polo - just an ugly, dated shirt. It was yellow- dijon yellow. It was dark and I'm not sure where we met, or why I had any contact with this character.

He was not someone to not take seriously.

I found myself at home later that day receiving a text message on my phone from a strange number. An alert of my security being breached, and him letting me know that I am no longer safe - and he always gets his way. I remember clearly a close up of the text on my phone, as if I was zooming in on it through my SLR. Now - the image is clear, but the exact text is jumbled.

I warned my family - requesting us to not leave our house, and not let anyone in. I sound calm now- but I assure you, I was not calm. I was scared. I was so worried that I had jeopardized my family's safety! I only remember seeing my dad and my sister and my nephew's at home.

Battling with my nephew to promise he not answer the door, he mindlessly forgot and answered the doorbell to random solicitors. It was crazy - I've never been so frantic and crazy - I did anything and everything to push this solicitor out of our house. There were 2 - an adult and a younger kid. I didn't know what they wanted - but I knew it had something to do with my security breech.

As the sun set the night progressed - I saw someone walking around in my backyard. My dad was still up watching TV in the living room. I ducked down, and walked over to the kitchen window.
He was male - looked Filipino - had long corn rows that extended to his mid back. Not someone I'd want to upset.

I ran upstairs with my sister quietly, to try to get a better view from my bedroom. My curtains are ALWAYS closed - but if open, you can clearly see my entire backyard. When I walked into my room, my curtains were already open! I was worried someone had been in my house before me. I didn't know how it happened. As soon as you open my bedroom door, you have full frontal view of the window...I had to duck down immediately with my sister - as i tried to move to the left on my bed. I didn't want to close the curtains as that might signal some sort of motion from above. It went from one vicious looking guy, to a whole squad of people - including a camera crew. Were they filming a threat video to show me on my own property? I had no idea.

As I tried ever so hard to remain discreet - it was too late. Someone from below in my backyard saw me see them. They packed up their things so quickly, and evacuated our property. I wanted to call the police to show them the evidence and catch them in the act - but it all happened too fast. And all my phone lines had been compromised.

Suddenly, half of the squad that I THOUGHT had evacuated has some how managed to enter in my house! Meanwhile, I somehow figured out I had all this electricity running through my body. If I applied my energy correctly - I could electrocute anything I wanted. This had a short term affect - and was hardly harmful. What a useless power.

As the squad poured in, I would somehow manage to electrocute them to hold them over as I helped me and my family escape. It was so bizarre.

I promise I've never tried any drugs.. I don't know what this nightmare even means.

Image: Audrey Kawasaki's As I Fall - mixed media on wood 14"x11"

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